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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT):

Magnetization is used to detect surface discontinuities in ferrous materials. By using one or more magnetic fields, our team of experts is able to detect surface or near-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. Depending on the requirements our team can use a permanent magnet or an electromagnet to apply the magnetic field necessary for the testing. This can allow us to more precisely generate a magnetic field, as well as avoid exposing sensitive areas to a natural magnetic field before and after the test. This nondestructive test can reveal discontinuities or other flaws in the subject. At Entec our highly trained team of professionals are able to perform magnetic particle testing as well as a wide variety of other tests to meet your needs.

Entec Consultants offers a full suite of inspection, nondestructive testing, and QA/QC services.

All services offered can be performed in-house or on-site.

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Specialized Services

  • Video & Fiber optic video boroscope inspection
  • AWS-CWI inspectors
  • ASNT level III services
  • Welder qualifications, Procedure qualifications
  • Welder training
  • Process safety management & vessel integrity
  • Digital cameras
  • Autocad & excel reporting

Items Commonly Tested

  • Kiln sections
  • Structural steel
  • Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Digester vessels
  • Pipe welds
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Storage tanks
  • Paper machines
  • Deaerator tanks

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