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Non-Destructive Testing Services

Entec Consultants offers a full suite of inspection, nondestructive testing, and QA/QC services.

All services offered can be performed in-house or on site.

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Our broad experience includes the following disciplines:

Radiographic Testing:

Highly penetrating radiation is used to detect internal discontinuities in a wide range of materials. As a nondestructive examination technique, x-rays or gamma rays are used to examine the internal structure to ensure all project specifications are met.

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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT):

Magnetization is used to detect surface discontinuities in ferrous materials. By using one or more magnetic fields, our team of experts is able to detect surface or near-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

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Visual Inspection:

The most extensively used method of determining important information about conformity to specifications. After our team familiarizes themselves with the project specifications, they will then perform a visual inspection of the subject.

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Penetrant Testing:

Penetrating agents are used to detect discontinuities on the surface of non-magnetic materials.

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    Eddy Current Testing:

    Eddy current testing is a non-destructive testing technique that utilizes electromagnetic induction to examine the test subject. This non-destructive testing technique is used most often to check tubes.

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      Ultrasonic Testing:

      High-frequency sound waves are introduced into a test object to detect and locate internal discontinuities. Ultrasonic testing is a common nondestructive examination (NDE) technique that is designed to use short...

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        Specialized Services

        • Video & Fiber optic video boroscope inspection
        • AWS-CWI inspectors
        • ASNT level III services
        • Welder qualifications, Procedure qualifications
        • Welder training
        • Process safety management & vessel integrity
        • Digital cameras
        • Autocad & excel reporting

        Items Commonly Tested

        • Kiln sections
        • Structural steel
        • Turbines
        • Boilers
        • Digester vessels
        • Pipe welds
        • Heat exchanger tubes
        • Storage tanks
        • Paper machines
        • Deaerator tanks

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