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Radiographic Testing

X-rays used to test for flaws in materials

Radiographic Testing:

Highly penetrating radiation is used to detect internal discontinuities in a wide range of materials. As a nondestructive examination technique, x-rays or gamma rays are used to examine the internal structure to ensure all project specifications are met. Radiographic testing works by exposing the subject of the test to specific types of radiation. The radiation or x-rays will pass through the object, and then the detection equipment will record the results. Dark areas indicate more radiation has passed through, this commonly indicates a void, defect, or other flaws in the test subject. Since the rays used do not damage the object, it is safe to use after testing. Due to its ability to detect flaws in internal structure Radiographic testing is a very common non-destructive test.

How does radiographic testing works

Entec Consultants offers a full suite of inspection, nondestructive testing, and QA/QC services.

All services offered can be performed in-house or on-site.

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Specialized Services

  • Video & Fiber optic video boroscope inspection
  • AWS-CWI inspectors
  • ASNT level III services
  • Welder qualifications, Procedure qualifications
  • Welder training
  • Process safety management & vessel integrity
  • Digital cameras
  • Autocad & excel reporting

Items Commonly Tested

  • Kiln sections
  • Structural steel
  • Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Digester vessels
  • Pipe welds
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Storage tanks
  • Paper machines
  • Deaerator tanks

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