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Entec founded in 1981 is a highly successful non-destructive testing (NDT) consultant corporation. The company employs full time experienced and certified technicians and grosses over two million dollars in contracts annually.

Entec was built on a sound foundation of quality and customer service management practices. In the early years, the business concentrated on providing non-destructive testing for local building industries. The company’s exemplary performance and prompt response to customers' needs quickly made Entec a primary competitor in the field. Word of Entec's quality work and performance was shared by clients outside the capital district. This positive reputation combined with a strong marketing campaign provided the company with an opportunity to secure contracts throughout New York State and ten other Eastern States. Within five years, Entec's market included major Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Plastic and Cement Industries. The scope of work ranged from small technical jobs to major turnkey shut down projects.

The company's emphasis on worker safety and the use of technology are key elements in its operations. Entec has taken aggressive steps to maintain its competitive position in the business by improving its technological capacities. Preparing to do business in the 21st Century, Entec has acquired a state of the art inventory that includes the latest in ultrasonic and remote video equipment which provides it with a number of competitive advantages; increased testing capacities, improved productivity and performance and enhanced reporting capabilities.

In order for Entec to grow nationally, it seeks a large parent organization that has the administrative infrastructure that could support a national non-destructive testing operation. Detailed financial report, client lists, and inventory will be provided to interested parties.

What is NDT?

The field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a very broad, interdisciplinary field that plays a critical role in assuring that structural components and systems perform their function in a reliable and cost-effective fashion. NDT technicians and engineers define and implement tests that locate and characterize material conditions and flaws that might otherwise cause planes to crash, reactors to fail, trains to derail, pipelines to burst, and a variety of less visible, but equally troubling events. These tests are performed in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the object or material. In other words, NDT allows parts and material to be inspected and measured without damaging them. Because it allows inspection without interfering with a product's final use, NDT provides an excellent balance between quality control and cost-effectiveness. Generally speaking, NDT applies to industrial inspections. The technologies that are used in NDT are similar to those used in the medical industry, but nonliving objects are the subjects of the inspections. 

Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) is a term that is often used interchangeably with NDT. However, technically, NDE is used to describe measurements that are more quantitative in nature. For example, an NDE method would not only locate a defect, but it would also be used to measure something about that defect such as its size, shape, and orientation. NDE may be used to determine material properties, such as fracture toughness, formability, and other physical characteristics. 

Some NDT/NDE Technologies:

Many people are already familiar with some of the technologies that are used in NDT and NDE from their uses in the medical industry. Most people have also had an X-ray taken and many mothers have had ultrasound used by doctors to give their baby a checkup while still in the womb. X-rays and ultrasound are only a few of the technologies used in the field of NDT/NDE. The number of inspection methods seems to grow daily, but a quick summary of the most commonly used methods is provided in our services section.

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